Peak District Network Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing problems with your LAN or WAN and have not been able to isolate it.  We can provide a step by step approach to isolating the problem and resolving it. Over the years we have been involved in numerous networking related problems and have developed a reliable methodology for tracking down and rectifying the most savvier of these problems. To any problem we can bring the experience and knowledge of years of experience in this field and with the use of our methodology we are certain we can achieve success in most instances.

Our methodology uses a simple but methodical way of approaching and network problem and has been used extensively by a number of our clients.

In general we are requested to become involved in 3rd level problems usually after many man hours of resource have already been expended. Our consultants regularly put in long hours on the customers behalf to identify and subsequently rectify these problems. All our consultants are highly competent and skilled in the use of the latest state of the art protocol analysis equipment and other analysis tools. In some cases it has been known for our consultants to develop tools in order to better understand the problem or provide a greater diagnostic capability from existing tools.

Case Studies

Peak District Cottages LAN/WAN issues
Managed issues between suppliers for a peak district holiday cottages complex

Manufacturing Site - Network problems
Troubleshooting  LAN & WAN problems in a manufacturing production line environment.

Marketing Organisation - Intermittent Netware Crash

NCA were asked by one of our existing clients to take over responsibility for this critical problem after the customers own support teams had exhausted all their technical skills.

Research & Development - Poor application performance from a VAX cluster

Manufacturing Site - Poor performance of applications migrated to NT 4

International - Poor performance of a number of applications

Cabling Company - Intermittent failure of LAN infrastructure

Arbitration - Network problems

Provision of arbitration services, acting as technical mediator between disputing parties.