Peak District Technical Consultancy

NCA  has very strong technical skills in most areas of data networking. We have provided technical consultancy to major international organisations on a wide range of subjects. If you are moving into a new technical area and you need to bolster your in-house expertise then we are likely to have the expertise you are looking for. Below are case studies of some of the work we have done for our clients in the past.

Case Studies

Peak District Cottages
Specification, Design installation and maintain a Derbyshire Cottage complex.  Peak District Cottages

Remote Access Service - global
Design, specification and installation of the central site infrastructure for a remote access service, allowing remote users to access LAN-based services at central sites through PSTN dial-up, X.25 and ISDN links.

Responsibilities ranged from defining the requirements through evaluation and design, to installation and hand over to operations. The service was designed to support 2,000 users including 850 sales force users. Services accessed include: MS NT, Novell NetWare, DEC Pathworks, database servers, intranet, MS Exchange, Lotus cc:Mail, MS Mail.

Remote Access Service - national

Provided technical advice to a government department regarding the deployment of a remote access service for a wide range of user groups including teleworkers and international travelers.

The work provided a complete 'shopping list' for the infrastructure with a full technical justification of the choices made. It and addressed the remote management and support aspects, as well as advising on the suitability of the deployment of thin client technology.

E-mail - global

Design, specification and installation of an international e-mail service based around cc:m-Mail service consisting of dial-up and X.25 connections, connecting into an existing national cc:Mail network.

LAN & Network Operating System installation

Provision of project management and technical consultancy to a company setting up an internetwork of a number of LANs and Novell NetWare LANs servers on 3 different sites.

Responsibilities included:   Project Management, establishing standards for LAN and File Server configuration, overseeing the installation of the links between the sites and of the (Bay Networks) routers, and establishing the procedures for managing the LANs. Specific technical tasks involved; designing and implementation of remote dial-in, mainframe gateway and (MS-Mail) e-mail systems.

Very High Availability WAN design
Provision of consultancy to a major government organisation in designing a high availability WAN.

Work included analysis of the existing WAN, and establishing the requirements, and designing a WAN that most closely met those requirements.

NOS & LAN Technical Consultancy
Provision of LAN operating system and Internetworking consultancy to a large public utility company. This involved analysing the companies' corporate goals and from these establishing the technological alternatives available, and associated pitfalls, which would help reach those goals.

Other Technical roles undertaken by our consultants in the past:-